MLO stays up to be with daddy

Last night hubby got home around 8:30pm. This is the time MLO is usually put to bed, but she was SOOOO happy to see him there was no way she was going to let me put her to bed.

Hubby announced that he needed to go back out for something real quick and I told him to take MLO with him, which he did.

This meant I got about an hour to myself (I read magazines and did nothing, fabulous feeling).

When they got back MLO had a huge smile on her face and was hugging daddy very tightly. I got to hear about what a good girl she had been while they were out. How everyone who saw them together commented on how cute she was. How they looked at pretty pictures and danced to some music together. The entire time, MLO is sitting on daddy's lap.

She eventually let go of daddy and started playing with things, showing them to him as she went. She started looking tired and I mentioned it was getting late and time for her to go to bed and she started crying and ran to daddy.

I let her stay awake a little longer and finally picked her up to go to bed when she started laying down on the couch. As we were walking out of the living room she had her bottom lip hanging way out and was saying "bye, bye da".

He reasurred her that he would see her in the morning, and I finally got to put her to bed.

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