Getting in the tub

Story told to me by MLO's nanny:

Last night MLO was being prepared for a bath.

She loves baths and says "bath" and "bubbs" over and over while you are getting it ready.

The water is warming up, non-slip mat goes down and nanny runs into MLO's bedroom (right next door).

When nanny comes back, MLO was sitting in the bath-tub, FULLY DRESSED. The water was running and I am sure she was happily waiting for the bubbs (bubbles).

She got pulled out then stripped of her now drenched socks, pants and shirt. Took off what was probably a very full diaper.

When finally done, in she goes. Happily exclaiming over the bubbs and toys and starting her party and overall grand old time.

I see crawling out of cribs and over gates coming in my very near future.

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kat said...

HAHAHA! You should print your posts and bind them into story form for when MLO gets older. She would love this one!!