Clothes shopping

So MLO has reached the size where she should really try on the clothes I am buying her (can't just go with the default month size thing anymore). However, she wants to run around the store, not sit still and try on several outfits or pairs of pants.

We were in Target yesterday (most of her clothes come from places like this since she will only be wearing them for a few months, there is no way I am spending a bunch of money on clothes).

Correction - it was a Superstore Target - one of those stores that you could buy everything you possible need in life: groceries, clothes, toys, movies, music, and bathroom stuff, on and on.

So MLO was having a great time running through the clothes, picking up every item she could off the shelves and so on. The only saving grace was that she would follow me and do it near me (she doesn't go running off). When I tell her I am moving down an aisle or something, she comes along and finds some new thing to play with.

So, I get several pairs of pants (being the thing she needs the most because she is so tall and just keeps sprouting up). After a few attempts to actually try them on, I give up and just hold them up to her.

I stick to the adjustable waist kind and buy a few belts.

I did a lot of holding up to the back of her while she played and guessed if it would fit.

So far, everything I bought this weekend seems to fit fine (except one shirt where the sleeves are tight around her arms). I am hoping those girl hormones will kick in soon and she will love to try on clothes.

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