MLO's favorite person

MLO's favorite person (besides me and hubby of course) is my sister.

MLO is always happy to see people she knows. She smiles and says hi and sometimes even runs over and delivers hugs.

But when my sis arrives it reaches a whole new level.

This first time this became very obvious was at her naming ceremony. The ceremony had started and MLO and I were up by the minister. Then my sis walks in and when MLO saw her, she practically jumped out of my arms and flew to her.

She keeps smiling and waving and trying to wiggle away from me. All she wants to do is get to her aunt.

When the ceremony was finally over I was given no choice but to deliver one very anxious MLO to the arms of her aunt. MLO pressed her face up against her aunts face and wrapped both arms around her neck. She didn't let go for quite awhile.

The rest of the day she kept her aunt in sight if not attached. If MLO got momentarily distracted and then looked up and didn't see her aunt she would be very unhappy.

Well, this sort of behaviors continues and we all love it.

Recently, my sis was walking up our driveway and MLO caught sight of her in the window. The screams of joy that came out could have been heard a mile away. She kept dancing around, running to the window, screaming again, dance around and so on.

When my sis opened the front door the flying almost happened again.

Yes, I think my sis (MLO's aunt) qualifies as MLO's favorite person.

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kailani said...

Your sister must be thrilled with this attention! How great!

Thank you for sharing this with the Carnival of Family Life!