Happy Passover

My hubby's extended family is all Jewish and MLO's godmother's family is Jewish so we celebrated Passover last night.

We went to MLO's godmother's mother's house (wow that is funny to write). We did all the songs (with English translations for me and MLO) and told the stories.

Also, ate all the good food and recognized all the symbols. I am not Jewish myself and haven't gotten into religion on this blog (I am religious but many other mommy blogs cover religion very well) but I admire the Jewish's beliefs. They honor not just God but what people have gone through and most importantly, made it through. Very hearty folk :)

MLO's participation was greatly appreciated. Godparents don't have kids yet (but plan to start in the next year) so she was the only kid there. Everyone was tripping over themselves to say hi, play with her, be near her.

Even though we went late and well past her bedtime, MLO was a perfect little girl. It helped that one wall of the dinning room was a large mirror (just behind my chair as well). MLO loves to watch herself in the mirror, talk to herself and (most embarrassing) lick her image.

So, whenever MLO got bored of sitting at the table and listening to the songs, or wasn't hungry anymore, she would go to the mirror.

We even had a whole mirror conversation with me talking to her image and her talking to mine, which she thinks is very funny.

There was also a piano for MLO to play on and she kept the background music going before dinner started and after dinner was over.

Holidays are fun, especially when you get to see people you like and care about.

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