Easter was.... fun

Overall the Easter weekend was a lot of fun.

Small note, don't try to color brown eggs (even the directions say to use white eggs). We always get the free range, all healthy eggs. The cheapest ones in this category are almost always the brown ones. So that was all I had in my fridge to boil. I boiled a dozen without even thinking about it.

It wasn't until we put a brown egg into yellow die that I realized this might not work so well.

Overall it went well with only two casualties suffered. MLO dropped an egg into the die really hard and it cracked. Once she found this would happen, it was hard to convince her not to do this to every egg.

The expected mess was created and MLO got thrown in the tub (with her favorite "bubbs") while I cleaned up and set the eggs to dry.

The next day mommy hid the eggs and MLO and I found them all.

MLO was trying to carry all the eggs she found in her arms (refusing to put them in the egg carton I was carrying). Well around the fifth egg one slipped out of her arms and splattered on the ground. She liked it and, to make a long story short, we didn't have any eggs leftover to eat. But our drive-way got it's fill as well as lots of water to wash it down (when I hosed it down afterwards).

MLO loved her basket full of toys (no candy) and her favorites were the bunny ears (best on mommy) and the sidewalk chalk which looked like bunnies.

When MLO went down for her nap on Sunday, mommy went with her and poor daddy was alone in the house with his two sleeping ladies.

Overall a fun weekend.

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kat said...

It sounds like you had a cute holiday! Was this her first year actually searching for the eggs? I'm guessing YES since she's still just a wee little thing.

I love MLO! She seems like the cutest!