Mommy protection

I was recently reminded of the first time I experienced my "mommy protection" turning on full force (not because anything happened to MLO, because of watching TV).

My sister was watching MLO when she was about 9 months old. MLO was crawling full force and getting into anything and everything.

When my sister (who loves MLO and MLO returns that love in great amounts) watched her at that age she said she felt like she was spending the whole time following around this little crawling munchkin.

Anyway, we were all at my mother's house, and my mother hadn't done the full safety set-up thing yet. We knew where the dangerous stuff was and had moved it, but there were still a few things here and there.

Well, my sister was doing the dishes and had filled up the dish washer. She had just poured the soap into the little cup thing on the door was putting the soap away.

When she turned back, MLO had pulled her self up to lean against the door and had both hands in the soap. My sister watched in horror as one finger ended up in MLO's mouth and MLO was making faces and trying to clean out her mouth of the taste (which involved eating the soap).

My sister flipped out, quickly shut the dish washer and picked up the soap. To keep her feeling calm - the box says to call poison control.

I was there on my laptop trying to get some work done.

My sister comes running to me and starts, "um, well..." and then tells me what happens.

"The box says to call poison control" I can feel my heart pounding - does that mean there is something really dangerous in it?

So I got to do the poison control call:

"Yes, my daughter just ate some dish soap and the box says to call you if this happens."

"How much did she eat?"

She isn't that big, wouldn't a little do the same damage!! "Just a finger full..."

"Did it seem to burn her mouth?"

BURN HER!!! Will she be able to swallow every again!!! I turn to my sister and repeat the question to which she answers no, "No".

"Is she turning blue?"

BLUE!!!! She could turn blue!!! "No".

"Does she seem uncomfortable now?"

Inspect the little girl happily playing in my arms, "No".

"Just have her drink a bunch of water and she will be fine."

Thanks for giving me a heart attack to get to this punch line, "OK".

"Okay, bye ma'am" - I need to go off and freak out some other mothers.

All did turn out fine, but my goodness!!

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Qtpies7 said...

LOL, yep, my son downed a bottle of windex, and they said he'd just get the flu, which he did. They didn't seem to care, but I wanted to throttle my dh who was sitting there when it happened and didn't notice the suddenly intense smell of the windex???
But of course he went on to do much worse than that.
Tylenol is worse than many cleaners.