We watched Cinderella last night.

MLO watched it all the way through. Well sort of watched, she played her own games during part of it. She hasn't sat through an entire movie yet and I am not really trying to get her to do this. Which means I watch all my movies in pieces, but I digress...

We made it to the end of the movie and then MLO comes running up to me - with the remote - crying "mises".

After a little bit I realize she wants to see the mice from Cinderella again. So I start the movie over and she watches the beginning sequence with all the animals (the birds, mice, cat, dog, horse - all of which she can now name).

When it is just about the people again, I find myself with MLO in front of me, remote in hand again: calling for the mice.

We watched the first sequence of Cinderella three times last night (after watching it all the way through once before).

The songs are still running through my head.

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kat said...

Oh she loves the mices!!!! That's so sweet. (Glad she was okay with the soap incident!)