Nanny called in sick

The nanny called in sick today so I got an unexpected day with MLO.

We played outside a lot (it was a beautiful day). We picked flowers, dug holes, climbed stones, sorted rocks, made music on fences and so on.

We also played inside and the house is the messiest I have ever seen it (I guess the nanny does clean up after her). She pulled out every toy she had and we played with it, in real rapid succession - nothing kept her interest for long.

I watched Sesame Street, Barney, Dragon Tales and Its A Big, Big World with her.

We went shopping (bought stuff for Easter) and ran through the aisles of the store.

The funniest point was when hubby came home in the evening and MLO grabbed us both (one of our fingers in each of her little hands) and dragged us both around the house. Us all trying to squeeze through doorways and avoid the mess of toys everywhere was a sight to see.

MLO's favorite toys currently are balls and cars - and she has probably thirty of them in various sizes. Well those things were everywhere and trying not to trip on one amongst everything else, I think you get the idea.

Meals were also squeezed in there somehow, so we all got some home cooking.

During nap times I worked but all I really wanted to do was nap with her. She is tiring!! I admit to not being in the greatest of shape myself, but marathon runners would get tired after an afternoon with her, let alone the whole day.

During the weekends I usually have grandparents or other outings so that she can be shared with others and I don't have to do all the playing. Today it was all me.

It ended with bath time and shortly after in her crib.

Now, someone needs to put me to bed... goodnight :)

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