MLO has a cough

MLO is coughing a lot. No other sickness symptoms but gets mad when she starts coughing and can't stop.

Made for a really bad night as she kept waking up coughing and would cry and call for me when she wouldn't stop.

Despite it all she is really cute about it. She will be sitting on my lap, with her head against my chest and once she has finally stopped coughing she says "cough" makes a little noise and then sighs.


kailani said...

My daughter had a cough for months that she couldn't get rid of. The hard part was when she would cough so much that she would throw up.

Hope MLO is feeling better soon!

kat said...

I haven't been able to read your blog for a while. I hope by the time I read this her cough has gone away.

It's cute that the cough bothers her, if that makes sense.