Bed Rail

Okay the bed rail arrived today and I am going to put it on her toddler bed.

Until now she has actually been on the floor. I have one of those large cushions made for those who like to sit on the floor. Well I set it all up with her large stuffed animals around the outside and it has been her bed.

She sleeps through the night on it and therefore I know the problem with the toddler bed was that she would roll out of it and wake up.

So this should handle that.

The next challenge is convincing her it is time to go to bed and keeping her in bed until she falls asleep. She wants to come play with my or the kitty or da even when she is tired. Unfortunately she doesn't get exhausted until about midnight and this is just WAY too late for her to be awake.

So, I admit I have resorted to driving her around in the car two nights in a row (she falls asleep in her car seat) because I am so tired I just need her to go to sleep.

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