Breast Feeding

I managed to totally wean MLO.

I was trying to do it slowly and had gotten rid of the lunch meal a while ago but couldn't get any further.

She could ask for it (said "nurse") and would cry if I tried to say no, so I would give in (I am a softy when it comes to MLO).

She has been eating full regular meals several times a day for months now (including breakfast, lunch and dinner) and so I knew it wasn't really a hunger thing - but a comfort thing.

Well the last time I nursed her was last Friday morning. It has been almost a week.

The trick was going out of town for two days and leaving her with gramma.

She has asked in the last several days, but is really easy to say no and give her some juice instead.

So my weaning advice is when you know your little one is really ready and just hanging onto it because of comfort - go out of town for two days (one night) and just refuse to start back up when you come back :)

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kat said...

Yay for big girls! No more nursing. Way to go, MLO!