Toddler bed time

This weekend we moved MLO to her toddler bed rather than the crib. The reason being that she had figured out how to crawl out of the crib and the thump in the middle of the night was too much to bare.

So, we are getting her use to the toddler bed.

The biggest problem so far is she moves around A LOT in her sleep. She rolls around and she even has sort of sat up in her sleep and laid down in the opposite direction (she has done this when sleeping in the bed with me so I know).

As we got to find out while changing the crib over to the bed, it doesn't come with toddler bed rails. Of course, I didn't think about it when we bought it (and moving to a bed seemed so far away, I prided myself on even getting one that would transform).

So, she keeps falling out of bed. I have lined the floor next to her bed with a large cushoin, stuffed animals and so forth. She hasn't hurt herself, but it does wake her up and she then comes looking for me.

So, mommy is running low on sleep and frantically looking for a better rail to put on the bed to see if we can at least keep her in the bed while she sleeps.

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