We are officially in our new house

I just picked up the last item from the old place and we are officially out of there (I do have to go back and clean it).

There is something nice about knowing all your stuff is now in your new home.

Of course it is all in boxes and every now and then when we need something we have to hunt for it. But it is in "my house"!!!!

I have resolved to empty at least one box a day no matter what else is happening. So far so good and I will update later on how this works out.

The new house is about twice as big as our old one, so I have a lot of planning to do on organization and such. However, the real great thing about the new place is there is A LOT of storage space. I have a huge pantry (such a luxury) and closets everywhere. Plus a two car garage, an attic and a basement.

Yes - this girl is very excited!!

P.S. MLO's cough resolved and she is happy as a clam again.

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kailani said...

How exciting! Lots of storage is always a great thing! Now you can buy more stuff to fill those closets! hee hee

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