10th Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Hubby and I went away for the weekend (just Sat and Sun) and left MLO with Gramma. This is the first time I have been away for her for this long and I missed her more than she missed me, I think.

We were celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary.

We went to Las Vegas and saw Love by Cirque du Soleil. It was AMAZING!! The artistry was so spectacular, the feats they could do mind-blowing, not to mention the costumes and set design. The two hours of the show just flew by in the magic.

We also walked around some of the hotels like the Mirage, the Hilton, the Wynn and Paris (each with their shops and special features). Paris was great with the sky ceiling making the whole thing so comfortable. The Wynn was the strangest as we couldn't figure out the theme.

Hubby and I were contemplating what a strange mixture of artistry and vices Las Vegas is.

We had a great time but I am VERY glad to be back with MLO again - I missed her to pieces.

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