Dropping MLO off at daycare

Okay, I don't know how parents manage to drop their child off somewhere when all the little one wants is her/his mommy.

Two days in a row now I have tried to pull myself away after arriving at the daycare and can't do it. I love her so much I don't want her to cry. I just want to hold her and kiss all the tears away.

So when I start leaving and I hear a frantic "mommy" from MLO I turn around and give my little angel a hug as she comes running to me.

The lady who runs the daycare has been great and helps me eventually slip away.

Does it get any easier?


kat said...

I used to cry for my mom, too. I think my teacher tried bribing me to distract me... gum, candy, and the like.

Hope MLO gets more used to being without you during the day - but isn't it wonderful to know she needs you so much?

Romie said...

Yes it is totally wonderful :)