Work taking over life

My husband and I run our own consultanting business.

This means we have to do a certain amount of hours to get a certain amount of money in. Well, sometimes I would like a little less money and a little more husband - you know.

Don't get me wrong, love the money and being able to buy the things I want, but there are times when having my husband around would be better.

But then there are those times that I do it myself. We consult on different things and so have a different set of clients that we work with.

I feel bad about complaining about not seeing him when I do it to or he is working to help handle the bills. Of course, he has a different idea of having enough money around than I do. He wants to have MUCH more ahead of any upcoming bills.

So this is a good way to think, I know, but sometimes there is plenty there and he still doesn't think it is enough.

Okay, now I sound like an old maid complaining about my husband, how boring and ungrateful :(

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deejinator said...

Time vs. Money. The age old arguement. Quality, or quantity. My wife and I have the same issues. She is a sales rep, and works around my schedule as much as possible so we do not have to leave our daughter in daycare any more than neccessary. Good luck with this.