The News

I don't stay up on the news because I hate reading all the bad stuff. Seems like the ones writing the news are specifically hunting for the worst in people and the planet in general.

So I don't watch any news on TV, don't listen to the news and only occasionally glance at headlines on a website.

I did find a few websites that feature good news (for people like me) at:

What I would really like is if these places would offer an RSS, then I would add it to my RSS and could read all about good stuff. Brighten up my day and help me to remember there is some good in this world.

They offer email subscriptions - but this is going the way of the dinosaur. I already get way too much email to want to get more from these guys. In email format, I just wouldn't read it. Not enough time and it would get deleted.

So for those who might read this someday (since it is new, I am sure no one reads it, yet) can the good guys set up an RSS. That would make me and probably others happy :)

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