Thanksgiving week has started

You can tell it is the beginning of the major holidays, feels like the whole world is slowing down.

Everyone is driving slower (much to my annoyance) and even shopping slower.

I went grocery shopping today (didn't get to it over the weekend) and not only were the usual old people slow, but even the people my age were slow. The lines were huge and everyone was slowing trying to decide f they wanted the stuffind in the red box or the green.

The good side of it, everyone is much more friendly. The amount of smiles I got and returned in my short trip away from home and office were amazing. I like to smile and have often been told that I smile a lot. So, for me to say that I smiled at people a lot today is saying A LOT!!

So in a way, it is good that the holiday season is now started. It is nice to see the happy side of the world - just ask that they move a little faster about it :)

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