My daughter

I have a 13 month old little girl. She is the light in my day and the joy in my heart.

However, I do need a break every now and then. Sometimes she gets too clingy and just wants me to hold her or play with her and all I want to do is sit down and rest.

Motherhood is hard.

Yesterday she would play for 15 minutes and then decide she needed me there with her. It is okay when she just wants to sit in my lap and play, it is tiring when she wants to walk me around the room (she started walking around 10 months and loves leading me around).

I love it sometimes, and making her laugh and giggle is such a joy.

But yesterday I had a rough time with work, several clients wanting things NOW and I can't do them all at once. So when I was "done" working and "home" I really wanted and needed to relax.

However she wasn't into it. It was mommy time and it was time to play. My husband hasn't totally gotten the idea (though he has gotten much better) that sometimes it is his turn even when he has a rough day too.

But it all ended sweetly. As I was about to take her off to bed, she didn't want just me. She wanted both of us. She started crying (while in my arms) and reached for her father. I brought her back to him and she gave him the sweetest, longest hug she has ever given, sniffling into his neck. Then she wanted a hug from me. Then one more from dad.

Then we had a big group hug which made her smile.

Then she quietly sat in my lap and looked and giggled with him as he gently played with her toes. When she was totally mellow I stood up and took her to her room where she quickly fell asleep.

At that point I felt bad for being tired and remembered:

She is the light in my day and the joy in my heart.

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