Drug news

Okay, so one of my clients is a company that helps people get off drugs (a drug rehab advisor) and am reading through news on various drugs.

I am amazed at what an epidemic "legal" drug abuse has become. I already knew that there were some problems with it, but if you start reading the articles, it is a HUGE problem.

I mean I am reading articles about elementary school children getting high off cough syrup! What is even scary are the recent studies which show that those kids who do the "legal" drugs are more likely to go on to hard drugs.

Then you read the stories about things like crystal meth and how addictive it is. There is apparently no such thing as a casual meth user. One use and you are hooked, it is that addictive.

Then the casual users who just keep going along. But then they hit a rough spot in their life (who of us hasn't) and remember how great that casual use felt. It is no longer a casual use now - it is their way of dealing with what is happening in their life.

This is all scary to me as my daughter is going to grow up in this world and it aint pretty. I think I am going to go give my daughter a big hug...

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