Legalize and not legalize stuff

So I am reading all these articles about legalizing marijuana. Making it so those sick people who need can and anyone can do it as a recreational drug.

A lot of the arguements are that smoking and drinking are legal so why not marijuana. Both smoking and drinking are addictive just like marijuana.

Then you read all the articles about the measures being taken against smoking. In some places you can't even smoke outside (you know those tables the restaurants have outside specifically for those smokers). Slowly but surely, smoking is becoming more and more illegal.

So, while we have the marijuana trying to go to the legal side, we have people trying to take smoking to the illegal side.

For goodness sake, wish society could just agree and then we wouldn't have to shuffle through the news and try to skip all this silly stuff.

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deejinator said...

Hi Romie, Thanks for the comment on my blog.

I guess all the cigarette smokers will have to take up pot instead. It is all kind of silly to me.