Made it through the holiday weekend

Thank goodness that is over.

I love the family and feeling VERY full and all, but my holidays are tiring. Spent time at my mom's helping her put up her christmas decorations. Though she doesn't really have any kids at home anymore (my younger is in college) she insists that we do it. Fun and festive but a little on the tiring side, especially with my little monkey running around :)

Then I get to go home to my own house and do the christmas decorations there. Still have to buy the Christmas tree and decorate that some time in the next week (or next weekend).

I must say the best part was when my mom took the kid and me and hubby got some time together.

That was something special. We went to a restaurant (Gourmet 88 - http://www.lunchspark.com/gourmet-88,burbank,ca - very good food) and got to joke and talk about anything we wanted.

Now, all the Christmas parties are coming up. A bonus for being a consultant, all of your clients invite you to their parties. A lot of free food and all that other stuff. Have many booked with several clients saying the invites are on the way. Going to have to start turning down overlaps or try to spend a few hours here and a few hours there.

Oh well, the price of popularity :)

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