Purchasing online

I admit to being a little bit of a Internet/catalog shop-aholic.

It is so easy to find EXACTLY what you need by searching for it on the Internet. You can be picky and get the exact right color, size, texture or whatever. And with a little persistance you can find anything.

We just moved into our first house (we are renting) and so I want to get Xmas decorations for it. My goodness, you can almost get lost in the selection.

I ended up buying something from Sears (have a credit card with them) and Walmart. Not very exciting, but after going through all the Christmas speciality sites, they really had exactly what I wanted at good deals.

But there was one very nice garland thing at one of those speciality sites that I haven't decided if I am getting or not.

We got the basic Xmas lights at Costco and so I went from no decorations to a whole bunch without a lot of work or money.

Yes - I love the Internet :)

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