My little angel

So now that MLO is two years old, we get asked a lot about having another one.

I have always wanted two kids and even gone up to three (though never higher than that) but I am worried about one thing:

I have been completely spoiled by MLO.

She is an angel, everyone who has ever watched her said so, her nannies, the lady who runs the current daycare. I can tell MLO anything and she understands, "no" with an explanation is almost always complied with.

Example, this morning I was running late (with a new big client expecting a 9am planning meeting) and MLO wanted to go to the store (see earlier post). I explained to her that I needed to take her straight to daycare because mommy had a meeting, she said "ok" and was the fastest at pushing me out of the daycare door ever.

She has got sick maybe twice in two years. She wasn't colicky or anything when a real little baby (since she is SO grown up now).

I have heard stories that when you have such a perfect child as your first, the second ones aren't nearly as good. I am sure I would be able to rise to the challenge, but why spoil a good thing?


kailani said...

I'm going through that right now. Girlie Girl was a little angel - never even went through the terrible twos. With Baby Bug, I don't know if we're going to survive!

kat said...

Because, Romie, I think the behavior of the child is just a representation of the parenting of it's mother and father. Obviously MLO is a wonderful little girl because she is a wonderful little girl. But the care and attention of her mommy and daddy helped her become that way.

I'm no expert, being child free, but I imagine that if you had a second child it would only increase your happiness. MLO sounds like she would be a wonderful helper and big sister as well.

Beagoodmom said...

I know what you mean. I am 39 weeks pregnant. My 4 1/2 year old twins are such good kids that I worry I am due for a monster. What are my odds? Or even worse...the baby does normal baby things but they cause the other two to backslide and become naughty. (she throws things...so they do too. She cries in the car so they do too. etc)
I think I am overthinking it. Probably because I am due tomorrow.