Halloween Costume Picking Time

So, it is time to decide for sure what MLO is going to be for Halloween (we have had rumblings up until now).

I have been collecting those costume catalogs and figured we could go through them and I would see what got the biggest reaction.

We did and I started tearing out the ones she liked, Nemo (of course), One of the Teletubbies, a butterfly, Arial, Tinker Bell, and about a half a dozen more.

Then I put them all out in front of MLO and the hands down winner (in that she picked up the paper and walked around with it the rest of the night, not even looking at the other ones) was: Arial.

So, now to find an Arial costume that will fit and not break the bank :)


kat said...

She is going to be so adorable I'm sure. Will she go for trick or treats?

kailani said...

Girlie Girl was Ariel one Halloween. I think we got her costume from Toys R Us. They were a lot less than the Disney Store. However, since it's so close to Halloween, I'm sure the costumes at the Disney Store are on sale be now. Good luck!