This morning MLO woke up at 6:45, got out of bed and tried to open her door (I keep it closed because our cat doesn't know how to stay quiet through-out the night and ends up waking her up).

When she couldn't get the door open she called out for me, which woke me up and I came to help.

She wanted to cuddle on the couch for about ten minutes, eyes open, looking around, but nestled into me and playing with my hair.

Then she heard daddy in his office (who hadn't gone to sleep at all yet) and happily exclaimed, "daddy" and ran to him. She then happily sat on his lap or near him for about half an hour while he finished up work. They read a book together and then she realized she was getting hungry.

She called me in and we agreed on cereal.

Fifteen minutes of breakfast with Sesame Street watching and then she was ready to go to the daycare.

We were the first to arrive and we looked at some of the frog figurines together and then she happily went into our daycare lady's arms, pushing me out the door.

I love these kind of mornings.


Mike said...

Congrats on the nice calm morning.

Our kids have started to take themselves downstairs in the morning and make their own breakfast if we remember to put milk in an easy to pour container the night before. It only happens about once a week but it is just wonderful when it happens.

kailani said...

Wow! That's pretty great of Daddy to be up all night and still read a book with her!

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