Morning Routine

Our morning routine before arrival at daycare:

We wake up, she insists I lay in bed with her for about fifteen minutes and cuddle (my favorite part) and talk.

Then she starts feeling hungry and we have to get up to get some food. In asking what she wants the first answer is always "[insert her name here] food" with a big smile after because she knows I can't do anything with that. From there we usually get to cereal (with milk she insists) or a bagel with cheese melted on it.

After breakfast we get dressed. She will start tugging off her "jammes" before I say anything. She has progressed to the point of pulling her own pants/shorts up (usually with a leg in each hole, but sometimes both legs in the same pant side).

The newest development is that we can't drive straight to the daycare. We first MUST go to a store, any store doesn't matter, but must be a store. We only need stay a few minutes, but MLO has to be able to get out of the car and walk through the doors at least.

We went to the grocery store once to get protein drinks for mommy. We went to Juice it Up and ordered drinks for both of us. We went to a pet store once and walked to the bird cage and then turned around and left.

Then we can go to daycare with no fuss whatsoever.


kailani said...

Well, they say that kids love a routine! How long does it take to do all of that?

Romie said...

It varies - sometimes half an hour, sometimes an hour (ugh)

kat said...

Oh snap - she likes shopping already! Atta girl! I love that it's "any store".