My one year anni

Today is my blog's one year anniversary, strange that I started it on Halloween - don't even now how that happened.

I thought I would share the reason I blog (since I have seen that on other people's anniversary posts).

The main reason is to have a running record of my child(ren)'s life. I want to remember the important and fun things and then someday give it to them to read if they want. I tried hard copy traditional journals and it just wouldn't stay in. I would forget, or not be able to find it. For some reason a blog on the Internet has been much easier to keep.

Plus, I have got to make some new friends and join a community on-line that is fun and supportive when needed.

While I don't particularly write this blog to get readers, this is always a nice benefit and it is fun to have people read what you wrote and contribute.

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Sonya said...

I agree that blogging is lots of fun and my kids really enjoying reading what I write about them. I think it'll be a wonderful record of the things they did growing up.