Zoo and Great Grandma (Nana)

This weekend MLO's Great Grandma (Nana) was in town (Nana is 80 years old and in the best shape of anyone I have ever seen at that age - good genes). Being that MLO is her only great grandchild as of yet, I am the oldest grandchild and the only one married, she tries to come see her every three months or so.

We decided we were going to go to the Zoo and look at the animals, when MLO found out she was very excited.

It had rained the previous night, so some of the exhibits were closed or not really very fun to be around (the petting zoo was closed because of the mud). But MLO insisted on running around on her own and exclaimed over the animals she saw.

When we try to ask her what her favorite was it goes something like this: "...Zebra.... Elephant.... no Giraffe... more Monkeys!" Lets just say she loved them all.

The best part was that she kept running for Nana (who up until now, she had always been shy around). We would be walking along, holding my hand and then she would suddenly let go and yell, "Get Nana!!" and go running towards her.

Nana was very happy with the day.

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kat said...

Isn't it amazing to have four generations alive and enjoying each other? My grandmother is 85 this year, my grandfather is 84. They have four children who between all of them have 12 of us and three of us (not me) have children (a total of four). So my grandparents have 12 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. It's really exciting. I'm glad MLO gets to know her Nana.