Tinker Bell

One of MLO's birthday gifts was a little Barbie like Tinker Bell.

She loves it, of course she has already managed to break the leg off a few times and come crying to me to fix Tinker Bell. Being the dutiful mom, I always do.

It now goes to bed with us at night, on it's own pillow. While we are reading our book, MLO checks on her to make sure she is still laying down and didn't wonder off.

When she wakes up in the morning a frantic hunt for Tinker Bell starts (because my adorable MLO is quite the toss and turner with a few good kicks and such while she sleeps). Once found, she comes and eats breakfast with us.

However, Tinker Bell always stays home once we leave for daycare.

I guess she isn't old enough for that yet.


kailani said...

It's probably a good idea to keep Tink home safe and sound.n You wouldn't want it misplaced!

kat said...

She loves her Tinker Bell! Who decided that Tinker Bell wasn't ready for school? Was it a discussion you had or something that she didn't even think about when leaving the house?