MLO's birthday party

This weekend we had MLO's birthday party (she is turning two on Sept 27th). I invited about seven kids with their parents and other various friends.

MLO wasn't sure what was happening and why so many of her daycare friends were suddenly at her house!

She took it in and sat with me or gramma while she decided if it was okay that they were around. Then she got into it and there were little kids running around in our backyard like crazy.

Later she didn't totally understand why everyone was singing to her. Missed the point of a cake with candles being brought out and why she was expected to blow, but she obliged. She of course ate the cake (there is a bakery in West LA called Mani's bakery which makes sugar-free cakes that are SOOOO good, so we had one of those).

Then the present experience was very high randomity. She sat on my lap and ripped up boxes with paper, ohing and ahing over stuff. Her friends helped open some stuff and our little circle got tighter and tighter with each present.

Her godparents couldn't make it to the actual party, but showed up just as the last people were leaving. They (who don't have any kids of their own yet) brought her as many presents as she had gotten from everyone else combined.

The cutest part was after the house was finally quiet and I was cleaning up, she was sitting on the kitchen floor playing with some new toys and I heard her start to sing, "happy birthday to [her name]" to herself.


kailani said...

I guess once everyone left, she finally figured out why they were all there in the first place. So cute!

mopsy from lifenut said...

Happy birthday to your new (almost) two-year-old! Birthdays have to be pretty confusing events for someone who hasn't had many! So cute!