Labor day weekend

We had a quiet labor day weekend.

Saturday we went to the mall (because Southern California is REALLY hot and the power people have asked us now to run our AC full blast all the time otherwise we are going to get blackouts).

MLO had a great time pushing her stroller. I think we ran the entire length of the mall (which is about two city blocks) three or four times. She was just doing great between running besides me (and bumping into people so mommy got to say "sorry" every other minute or so) or pushing the stroller.

I bought the one thing I wanted which was some spaghetti string tops for MLO to wear to bed so she doesn't wake up totally drenched in sweat.

Sunday we stayed home and ran our AC all day (heaven forbid) with lots of visitors. MLO's old nanny came by and after a few minutes of MLO starring at her, seemed to remember her and was dragging her off to her room.

MLO's aunt (my sister) also came by and they played. Then MLO's uncle (my brother) also was there, so MLO had a lot of people to play with.

Monday we had some friends over and even though I told hubby he was crazy, he went out in the heat and actually barbecued. Of course, the burgers and corn were fabulous (I even had a second burger, which is a lot of food) so I just gave him big hugs and thanked him over and over for braving the heat.

So, we had a good weekend with just the right amount of randomity happening for MLO.


kailani said...

I'm headed to LA tomorrow. I hope it's not as hot there as it is here!

Romie said...

You are going to just miss our heat wave. It is nice now - but was unbearable for about a week.