As each item is being put on the table, MLO is labeling them:

Mommy's plate
Daddy's plate
[MLO's] plate
Mommy's juice
Daddy's juice
[MLO's] juice
Mommy's fork
Daddy's fork
[MLO's] fork
Mommy's spoon
Daddy's spoon
[MLO's] spoon
Mommy's napkin
Daddy's napkin
[MLO's] napkin

If I forget anything I am corrected by my two-year-old and given a very stern talking to.


A super-duper give away here, come on, you know you want one.

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kat said...

HAHAHA! I haven't been on AOL in a while and so this was a nice story to return to. Such a big girl she is, MLO! I just adore her cuteness.