Birthday Weekend

My Birthday weekend was both great and bad at the same time.

The great part:

Hubby took me to see "Wicked" at the Pantages Theatre on Thursday (my actual birthday). Absolutely fabulous and so much fun, haven't been to live theatre in awhile and I really missed it. All the actors were great (except the Wizard who was a little weak but workable). Could tell that they had a lot of fun with costumes and such and overall a great night.

The bad part:

I then got home to MLO and gramma to find that MLO had gotten the stomach flu at daycare that day and was throwing up and grumpy. Friday me and her stayed home and ate fruit here and there (except when I had to go out for a meeting and then a friend came over to watch MLO).

By Friday evening, she was all better.

Saturday was fun, with MLO and I going shopping and other fun stuff for mommy's birthday.

However come Sunday morning - hubby got the stomach flu and I ended up with a tooth ache (the kind that prevents any chewing and little talking to avoid opening your mouth wide).

Went to the dentist today and nothing wrong with my teeth - but gums are seriously infected. So off I go to get my drugs...

So this was a very interesting weekend - but I will look back and remember the run stuff more :)

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