Farmer's Market

Sunday morning (early) MLO and I went to our local Farmer's Market.

Since we moved to our new house I keep meaning to go (it is five minutes away), but come Sunday morning, I totally forget. So Saturday night I set up a reminder and lo and behold it worked.

I told MLO we were going to some "outside stores" (two of her favorite places to go - outside and store) and she jumped and ran to the door.

After getting her out of her jamees (the word for PJs) and into clothes and shoes, we packed up and went.

It was great!! She could run around wherever she wanted and I could still easily see her. They had fresh fruit and veges (of which I bought an insane amount) as well as one of my favorite vices - kettlecorn.

There was also pony rides and those jumping things and a lot of fun stuff for little ones. MLO told me she wanted to go on the pony, but when it was actually her turn (and she was required to let go of me) she backed out. I told her it was okay, we would get chances to try later.

Of course, once back in the car she kept asking me over and over to ride the pony. I told her we would try again next week. We will see.

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kailani said...

I wish our Farmer's Market had fun kids things like pony rides and jumpers. If they did, we'd probably go more often.