MLO has developed a nighttime cough, she is perfectly healthy during the day and you don't hear a single cough. When she lays down to sleep, she starts coughing.

I have tried elevating her head, which seems to help, but, MLO moves a lot in her sleep and she always manages to scoot herself down and off the elevated pillows.

I also tried a warm humidifier which just made her sweat up a storm. Note, humidifiers have a tendency to fill up diapers as the diaper sort of sucks some of the water out of the air. I have been told it might be better with a cool one so will be going out and buying one of those.

This has lead to very little sleep for mommy so my posting has fallen behind as everything else seems to take longer to get done when you are tired.

If it doesn't handle soon I will be taking her to her doctor and we will go from there.

Hopefully it will though :)

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