Toy stores

In our new house there is a half a basketball court in the backyard with a big regular hoop. MLO sees others (me, daddy and her aunt and uncle) throwing our balls into the "basket" and she wants to also. We have picked her up and raised her as high as we can and she can't seem to through the ball up high enough.

So to help ease the frustration I decided to get her, her own.

This meant taking MLO to the toy store over the weekend and boy it is like going to Disneyland.

First toy store we went to was a smaller local toy store. MLO found a miniature shopping cart and she was pushing it around all over the place. We had great fun running around the store and through the aisles with me chasing and her pushing her cart. We also found a great collection of cars (including characters from the Pixar movie "Cars" which MLO loves) and beep, beeped those around.

However they didn't have any basketball hoops in stock. So I told MLO we had to go to another store and she happily agreed.

Then we went to a Toys-R-Us and my goodness, that girl got lost in the toys. We found some tables with train tracks and all sorts of gadgets set up and she was there for at least fifteen minutes before I managed to distract her.

Then she found the collection of balls and we were both chasing bouncy balls all over.

Then she found the toys with buttons that talk and you would have thought a convention was going on.

At last mommy found the basketball hoop and I had to bribe her to get her to go (with a cute little kitty stuffed animal that had stars on it's paws so MLO could sing Twinkle, Twinkle over and over - her favorite song of all time by the way).

It was an adventure and we both got our exercise. She fell asleep in the car on the way back and we both crashed when we got home.

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kailani said...

I love Toys R Us. I could spend hours in there just walking up and down the aisles!