Had official housewarming

We had our official housewarming this weekend and it went really well. I am totally exhausted after doing all the planning and stuff but I enjoy putting on parties.

MLO made some new friends (as we had many families come) and you can really see what a difference being in this daycare has made.

She is willing to share and actually gives toys to someone when they look like they are reaching for it. The kids played in our backyard until it got dark and then were in her room the rest of the evening.

Which meant mommy got to enjoy the party too and talk to friends and such.

The cutest point was when MLO was eating with her gramma, uncle Erick "erit" and grampa and saw me. She then called out "mommy, I eat with gramma" which made not only me smile, but everyone within ear shot.

A little later that night (after everyone had left) she made a little bit of a mess which got on gramma and she was so upset that she had made a mess on gramma. She kept crying "I gramma mess" and gramma had to give her a big hug to reassure her it was okay and she still loved her.


kat said...

I totally love MLO! All those big girl words! And being so social.

It must be so fun to watch her grow, Romie.

kailani said...

As far as Grandmas go, there is nothing that their grandkids could do to them that they couldn't overlook. Yay Gramma!