Going on Rides

We took MLO to a beach boardwalk with rides and such. They have a kiddy section and my entire family had come to the boardwalk (it is usually just the kids and one or two adults who go) to see MLO go on rides.

We watched some of the rides so she would get the idea that little kids go on them and she can too.

I took her on the carousel and she wasn't interested in sitting on one of the horses, so me and her sat in a carriage thing they had on the ride.

She really seemed to like the look of the boat ride so we put her on that one first. It went great with her turning the wheel, ringing the bell and putting her hand in the water.

Well it went so well, she wouldn't go on any of the other rides. We did the boat ride over and over again. If you tried to convince her of another ride, even the ones where an adult came along, she just kept crying and saying "boat".

We got a lot of cute pictures and Nana (MLO's great grandma) took video. No one seemed too disappointed that it was the same ride over and over so I think it turned out okay.

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