Sleeping in a box

MLO's Godmother came over on Saturday to hang out with us, eat dinner, watch a movie, etc.

I warned her that we would be watching the movie in my usual fashion: with lots of distractions from MLO. We would have to pause the movie often if we wanted to hear it all, or resign ourselves to missing small details. She was fine.

While the movie was playing, MLO brought out a large gray plastic tub (the kind that is used for storing and stacking).

One of MLO's favorite activities is to sit in the tub and have me cover her feet with beads (a friend of Grandma gave them to her). She thinks it is the funniest thing.

Another favorite activity is for me to get her small pink pillow and a small blanket and package her up in the box as if she was going to sleep there.

After we did this, godmother asks "does she actually nap in there?" This is testament to how comfortable she looked though her knees were practically under her chin.

We laughed and played (missed half the movie) and had a great time.

Note: Thor kibby likes to sleep in the plastic tub too and whenever MLO sees her in it, she yells, "no Thor kibby, mine!"

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