MLO has been grouchy

Every night for the past two weeks MLO gets grouchy earlier and earlier. Before it was hunger, but even if I feed her dinner right away, she still complains about things easily and such.

Except on the weekends when she is with my all day and she is as happy as a clam, not a single tantrum no matter what I ask her to do (even leaving the toy store).

I was worried that there was something wrong at the daycare. However this didn't really make sense because MLO is SO happy every morning when I tell her we are going to her daycare. She happily climbs in the carseat and says the name of the daycare lady over and over again while I am driving. The daycare lady has told me over and over how good MLO is while there and how well she is playing with others. Just the other day gramma told me that MLO is developing really well, with a huge difference in her vocabulary and such since she saw her last (four days prior).

Then I realized that MLO takes really long naps on the weekend (2 to 3 hours) and I recalled a mention by the daycare that she takes the shortest naps of all the kids.

So today when I dropped MLO off I asked the daycare lady. Sure enough her naps have been no longer than an hour and I told her the problem I was having. Luckily she had some ideas on what to do and we will see what happens when I pick her up tonight.

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