I picked MLO up from the daycare yesterday.

The entire ride home (about 20 minutes) she talked. None stop.

Sometimes quietly to herself or her shoes, but she didn't stop.

She told me about playing with her "guys" (what she calls the friends she is making at the daycare).

She told me about how her clothes got messy and had to change pants.

We played "what's that" with the different cars and mommie had to get inventive because she didn't want the same answer over and over (car).

So MLO started her education on the different types of cars and we continued working on colors. Found out she loves trucks.

All of it in the cutest baby/grown-up talk that has a made-up word here and there, but you get the general idea of what she is saying.

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kailani said...

I love listening to my daughter have a conversation with herself. It's so cute, isn't it?