Guess what MLO's new favorite food is - CHICKEN!!

She can't get enough of it. She wants a plate in front of her full of chicken at all times.

Last night we had fish for dinner, she wanted chicken. I would like to make a note that she has had chicken for dinner the last two nights in a row as well as one of those lunches. Over the weekend we had our party and one of the items of food I got was chicken.

This is no way has reduced her desire for more.

This seems to be the case as she goes through phases of food she likes.

First thing in the morning she has to have a bagel. Nothing else will do she says, however I have made toast with cheese on it and told her it was a bagel and she ate it. So it isn't a taste thing, just a name thing.

Maybe if I had called the fish "chicken" last night, she would have eaten it. Will have to try that...

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