Side Effects

Last night I went and saw a small showing of the independent movie "Side Effects". It stars Katherine Heigl (yes, from Grey's Anatomy) and she was really good. I haven't seen Knocked Up yet, but have heard it got great reviews and I think she is definitely going to do good work even after Grey's Anatomy.

The movie itself was very fascinating and fun. It was about Karly (Katherine Heigl) as a legal drug-pusher. She is a pharmaceutical rep and gets doctors to buy drugs from the company she works for. It is about the moral issues she runs into versus the pull of the great money and bonuses she earns.

The amazing thing about the movie is it was written by someone who did that in real life and is based on her own problems she had and things she saw.

I recommend seeing it, I believe it is on Netflix (where I rent all my movies).

P.S. Because of some of the controversy I have read about being paid for things and not disclosing it I wanted to say that no one paid me for this :)

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