Weekend was great

So the birthday weekend went great.

Of course the restaurant, Houston's, that I knew my mom wanted to go to doesn't take reservations for parties larger than four so we had to wait (the main reason we haven't all gone there before).

The wait ended up being 1 1/2 (I live in Los Angeles so not that surprising). However it flew by, mostly because MLO kept everyone entertained the whole time.

Houston's has a fish pond out in front and MLO loved looking at the fish and exclaiming over and over "ish", much to everyone's enjoyment.

After she got tired of that, she would want to walk around, and different people would take turns walking with her. She would go for a walk and then run back to the pond and yell "ish".

So, when we were finally up, we were all starving, but didn't feel like the time had dragged out.

And for all the waiting, the filet mignon was fabulous. Even MLO could eat it because it melted in your mouth.

My mom was very happy and has already thanked us three times for taking her there. Said she had one of the best birthday weekends ever.

Not too shabby :)

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Revka said...

How nice! I think it's always a good thing to celebrate our prents; after all, they've done so much for us. I'm glad she had a nice birthday.