Sevta (I hope I spelled it right) is Hebrew for Grandma.

Well, MLO's Sevta visited yesterday and they had a great time. Sevta is a nature and outdoors person so MLO got to be outside all day with her (she gets a lot of outdoors time, but not all day usually).

I had accidently created MLO withdrawal in Sevta because it had been a month since she had seen her and Sevta really missed her (Sevta lives about half an hour away).

So I stepped into my office and did some extra work, letting them play alone.

Sevta taught her about bees (and how to say it), flowers and apparently we have a kumquat tree in our yard and the fruit is ripe. So they ate a bunch of those.

After the all day outside MLO fell asleep early and slept 12 hours straight - I appreciated that as well.

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