MLO's new stool

So MLO has gotten more and more independent. She wants to do things herself like a big girl and gets VERY frustrated when she can't.

So I bought her a little two step stool and have it bungee corded to her chair with the booster seat so she can get up and down it (having been the most recent point of upset for her).

Well, currently it is the new toy and she spends a lot of time going up and down, up and down. She has fallen twice (both times with me close and no major injuries) and is starting to get the hang of it.

Of course, this makes dinner time fun.

If I take away the stool to try and get her to stay in her seat, boy do I hear about it.

If I leave it there she goes up and down several times during the course of the meal.

So, did I make a big mistake getting the stool for her? Should I retire it or wait until she gets over the "newness" of it and learns what it is for?


Amy H said...

The stool is a great thing. All the kids seem to love them. Like minature seats and giving them a little more independence. They are great!

Mommy Brain said...

She might just be enjoying the novelty of the stool/independence. Hopefully it'll wear off and she'll sit through the whole meal. When mine first learned to go up the stairs that's all they wanted to do. Now it's like pulling teeth to get them to climb them.

Amydeanne said...

okay, I'm laughing hysterically... I'm not the only one whose bought the stool.. never thought of the bungee cord, but they've managed to climb up and down all on their own w/o one... we've recently relinquished the chair away and just use books to sit on b/c of all of the supper drama's have happen.. no bruises, just a big dinner production!

Romie said...

Thanks guys, that helps :) I will tough it out and see if it changes.