Hubby and MLO eating dirt

My hubby hates it when MLO is playing in the yard and puts her dirty hand in her mouth.

One time he was on the phone but watching her in the backyard. I was in the kitchen making lunch (with a clear view of him through the backyard door but I couldn't see MLO).

I look up and he is frantically gesturing to me, pointing down to where I assume MLO is.

I run outside and she is happily playing in a flower pot, dirt everywhere and an occasional finger escaping to her mouth.

Every time the finger gets close my husband starts skipping around and pointing (while still saying "uhuh" to whoever is on the phone).

I laughed and told him not to worry about it - the dirt wouldn't hurt her and we had to let her experiment. If we just forbad it from the beginning we would have a worse time.

I got a frown and then he turned his back and continued talking to the person on the phone.

I bent down and played with MLO, making a face when she started putting her finger in her mouth. Not that I have cured her of her desire to eat dirt all together, she plays in it quite contentedly now without that finger straying too much anymore.

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kat said...

MLO sounds so CUTE! I love it!