Grandpa is happy

MLO has always been a little scared of grandpa (my dad). She doesn't get to see him much (he is very sick) and he is a big man with a pot belly and a scruffy beard.

However we had him and my big bro (he is my half brother from my dad's first marriage and is currently living with my dad and taking care of him) over this weekend.

At first she was being all cutesy shy and wouldn't leave my arms. My big bro said I had something growing out of my cheek, because MLO decided that if she had her cheek pressed up to mine very firmly she was safe.

Well, after about half an hour - it all disappeared. MLO and grandpa were having a great time drawing on her Aqua Doodle (a great toy by the way) and reading her books and so on.

While she didn't commit to sitting in his lap, she would sit next to him.

I don't think I have ever seen such a happy, silly grin on my father's face. It was enough to lighten an otherwise crazy weekend.

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